Save, Grow, Plan and Learn: by Targeting Transactions that Improve Your Business

  • Are you looking for new customers? Generate New Sales
  • Does your calendar have a few extra hours for new clients? Utilize Down Time
  • Do you have products you’d like to turn more quickly? Sell Unsold Goods
  • Would you like to more cash at the end of the day? Improve Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow The Marketplace gives you a place to buy goods and services for which you currently pay cash.

Move Excess Inventory Traditionally, excess inventory is discounted, sold at a loss, donated or destroyed. The VBSR Marketplace offers a new way to recover full market value for these commodities.

Increase Cash Profits Sales generated through the Marketplace are incremental business (over and above existing cash income). Using this new income, a business owner can offset current cash and future expenses by purchasing using the  Marketplace instead.

For Advanced Users:

Invest Locally  Use your Marketplace Trade Dollars to invest in local enterprises, buy property or purchase income generating assets.

Donate Non-Profits can accept your Marketplace Trade Dollars donations and spend them for things they need.

Interest-Free Financing The Marketplace offers select members the ability to pre-purchase goods and services, like an interest-free line of credit. This is repaid by selling your own products or services, the repayment cost is always less than it would be with cash.

Test Market The VBSR Marketplace offers a method of trying new products “off market”, soliciting feedback, generating referrals and testing consumer acceptance before a full product launch.

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