Marketplace Profile: Marlboro College Graduate School


Making the Trade by Phayvanh Luekhamhan   “What I didn’t realize until I got involved was that as soon as you join the Marketplace, Amy works hard to put you in touch with people in the network who can meet

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A story about your day, in the future

    Wake up. Breakfast, social time with family and people you live with. You share, discuss projects around the house, hear stories of what people are learning and making. Make sure schedules sync on any trips that need to

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Choosing a Mutual Credit Software

    I often get phone calls from people looking to start a mutual credit system asking “What software should I use?” and I caution them that I still have more questions than answers. Assumptions for the readers of this

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VBSR Marketplace in The Huffington Post

Rethinking Money by Jacqui Dunne “The WIR’s success has inspired some innovators to take action. An application of the WIR model, although on a very small local scale but inspired nonetheless by the Swiss prototype, has taken root in Burlington,

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The Marketplace is now Open Source!

The Marketplace is now Open Source! I am proud to announce that the Marketplace is now using Open Source software to run the Marketplace. Open Source is a term that is widely used to describe software that is developed by

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Turning a Communications Plan into Pictures

    J Andrews Marketing is an independent marketing consultancy and agency located in Westford, VT. We joined the Marketplace in our early months we earned VBSR Trade Credits by doing communications planning with Sammel Signs. We’ve spent  our Trade

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How VBSR used the Marketplace to save cash on a big purchase.

  If you’re a VBSR member, you’ve already benefited from the Marketplace. The new member directory you received last month with the hot pink coil…paid for with Trade Credits by VBSR. VBSR Program Manager, Rita Bothfeld was sourcing a printer

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Marketplace Magic: How to Turn Pint Glasses into Printing

Vermont Stage Company is Burlington’s year-round professional theatre company performing at FlynnSpace. As a VBSR member, they activated their Marketplace account last year and began selling tickets to their shows for VBSR Trade Credits. As great as all the shows

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Megan Humphrey, Sweet Basil Cards


  One of our first VBSR members in the Marketplace was my friend, Megan Humphrey. If you live in Burlington, you probably know Megan! She is always helping and supporting her friends, neighbors, colleagues, and the senior community. Megan is

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Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Warren

Yestermorrow shirts

Kate Stephenson, Executive Director of Yestermorrow Design/Build School: “We had a potential student, a VBSR member, who really wanted to take Yestermorrow classes but didn’t have the cash. We list many of our classes in the VBSR Marketplace for 100%

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