From Cash to Resourcing

  One of the things I do on a daily basis is help people surface their unmet needs. We’re trained to think “I need cash!” as the answer to all our problems. But what we really need are resources: goods,

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Co-Created Customer Service

  One of the issues I think a lot about is improving customer service. Customer service is knowing and meeting an expectation. ‘Customer Service’ is a little old and capitalism-y… a more modern synonym might be ‘Relationship Management’. Like the

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Connecting Ideas

  Because it’s Friday and I’m winding down, I’m going to offer a number of tidbits that I’ve been reading, watching or thinking about.  The common thread is bringing together groups of people in new ways to create meaningful, disruptive

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User Experience

A lot of what I do in convincing people to use another form of payment is making the economic argument: The Marketplace can improve cash flow by helping businesses turn their unsold excess capacity into purchasing power An additional form

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Getting the Words Right

    As we’ve evolved over the last few years, one of the things I’m always looking to improve is how the Marketplace is communicated and perceived. Specifically, I am challenged over our language. A few days ago, I wrote

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Labs and Makerspaces

  Today I’m thinking about the Marketplace and how it could fit into Makerspaces and Labs. I recently co-hosted and sponsored a hackathon. One of my goals since the beginning was to find a way to serve entrepreneurs by having

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Improving and Increasing Transactions

    One of the challenges of the Marketplace is making matches happen: helping people who have requests connect with the right people who have offers. There are A LOT of moving parts to making a new economy transaction happen.

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Becoming Teams that Work Together

  I’ve been prepping to be interviewed for another project I’m participating in (related to the Marketplace in ways tbd). The purpose of the interviews is to surface a profile that we can use to know each other better (to

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New Economy Microdelivery System

  One of the challenges (frustrations) in the Marketplace is when I’m able to match a request for a product with an offer…..except that it doesn’t happen because the product has to move a few extra miles. For instance, a

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Today I’m thinking about reputation as it applies to the Marketplace. Puzzle pieces: The currency of the new economy is trust, Rachel Botsman TED Talk. Manifesto for the Reputation Society by Hassan Masum and Yi–Cheng Zhang Finding a sponsor to

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