Building the New Economy

FAQ: Can I donate to Non-Profits using the Marketplace?

  Yes! You can donate your earned Trade Dollars to a non-profit via the Marketplace. We’re often looking to be generous with causes close to our hearts even if our cash budget doesn’t match our intentions. A donation of Trade Dollars to a non-profit of your choice can allow them […]

FAQ: What Can I Buy In The Marketplace?

The most frequent question we get after explaining the Marketplace is “…well, what can I buy with Trade Dollars?”. The good news is that you can now view offers before login. We have great offers from great Vermont businesses who would like to have you as a customer! View Marketplace […]

FAQ: How to Write an Offer that will Get You New Customers

One of the most frequent questions we get is “How do  I write up my offer?”.  There are two things to keep in mind: pricing and the template. PRICING: The main difference between your current business and the new business you get in the Marketplace is just, THE PRICE.  When […]

FAQ: My schedule is almost full – why would I use the Marketplace??

  The Marketplace can help you build demand for your cash business and create a waiting list for your services in the event that you have a cancellation or unanticipated opening in your schedule. Create listings in the Marketplace that work for you. For example, If your regular Tuesday morning […]