Thank You: VBSR Development Committee!

Thank to the VBSR Development Committee who spent recently spent an afternoon brainstorming ideas for the Marketplace and how the Marketplace could better serve VBSR members. Thank you Russ Elek, Markey Read (Career Networks), Avram Patt (Interim ED, VBSR), Don Mayer (Small Dog Electronics), Larz Barber (Merrill Lynch), and Stephen […]

Thank You: Jessica and Lars

A big Thank You to Jessica Bright and Lars Hasselblad-Torres for joining me on a panel at the VBSR Spring Conference last week. Building on the open source software that runs the Marketplace (OS Currency) has been a challenge and opportunity (I know, cliche) over the last few years. It’s […]

Thank You Russ!

A big Thank You to Russ Elek, VBSR’s Communication and Membership Manager for his ideas and insight in expanding the Marketplace to employees of VBSR businesses (more on that soon!).  

Gratitude is better in real time

More than 2 years ago, I published a Thank You page to people who had been supportive of the Marketplace. ….and there it sat. I’ve made notes to update it over the years but the page felt more like a task than a representation of genuine feelings. I kept thinking: […]