Have you ever seen an empty chair in your Workshop or Seminar?


Have you ever seen an empty chair in your Workshop or Seminar?**

How much do you earn for each empty chair at your event?

Unfortunately, nothing.

You’ve invested time, money, resources, social capital, and energy to put on a great event!

Using the Marketplace to get an extra participant in THAT EMPTY CHAIR at YOUR GREAT EVENT is a smart way to do business in the new economy.


HOW can you fill that seat?


  • If your event has a little extra space (1 or 2 seats…You MIGHT sell out but you won’t know until the day before…)
    • You can WAITLIST your event in the Marketplace. This means you post the event with ‘WaitList” in the description. We’ll collect the names of people who are interested in taking your class but don’t have the cash in the budget for it.
      • If you don’t sell out, we’ll send some new participants (at full registration price in Trade Dollars) your way!
      • There is no commitment from you to displace a cash paying participant, all Marketplaces sales are EXTRA SALES.




Next Steps:

**No chairs were harmed while writing this blog post. Yeah, it's kind of a ridiculous 
picture, we think so too!