FAQ: Can I donate to Non-Profits using the Marketplace?


Yes! You can donate your earned Trade Dollars to a non-profit via the Marketplace.

We’re often looking to be generous with causes close to our hearts even if our cash budget doesn’t match our intentions. A donation of Trade Dollars to a non-profit of your choice can allow them to purchase many things:

  • Event space and services
  • Print and mail services
  • advertising
  • Employee wellness benefits and bonuses
  • Consulting
  • Professional services

By using the Marketplace to source local vendors accepting Trade Dollars, a non-profit can decrease their cash costs which can help their bottom line and mission.

How can I donate my Trade Dollars?

  • Some Non-Profits already have Marketplace accounts and listings talking about their mission and how you can donate. View Open Offers here.
  • If you have a non-profit that is not yet in the Marketplace, we can get them set up. Please contact us for help.

Some considerations:

  • If you would like a receipt for tax deduction purposes, please let the non-profit (501c3) know. The IRS guidelines value Trade Dollars the same as cash so a $100 donation in Trade Dollars is the same as a $100 donation in cash.
  • We do charge our small service fee on all transactions (more details).  We report all donations to the IRS so the fee covers our mandatory overhead for this service. If you’d like, you can cover this fee for the non-profit.
  • Not a Member of one of our Partner Networks? The Marketplace is open to all Vermonters via our Independent Access Account.

Questions? We’re happy to help.


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