FAQ: My schedule is almost full – why would I use the Marketplace??


The Marketplace can help you build demand for your cash business and create a waiting list for your services in the event that you have a cancellation or unanticipated opening in your schedule.

Create listings in the Marketplace that work for you. For example,

  • If your regular Tuesday morning client cancels, you can put up an offer for just Tuesday Mornings.
  • If you find that people need an incentive to try your services and you don’t like coupons and discounting, you can list your service at 100% of your normal rate but adjust the percentage of Trade Accepted.

Three Types of Offers that work well for Service Based Businesses:

1-Marketing. Keep the marketing for your general services listed but at a high percentage of cash. You can list your services at your normal rates but 75% cash payable, 25% Trade. When you have a cancellation to fill, we might have noted a potential buyer and can adjust the price % to make it work for both of you. There are no fees in the Marketplace for listing your offers.

2- Easy to Deliver. Identify a specific service that is easy to deliver and has high margin for you and do it 100% Trade. This is a win for everyone! You get to earn Trade Dollars that you can use to Save Cash easily and your new client gets a product or service that was previously not in their budget.

3- Find Cash Paying Clients. Yes! If your goal is to create long term relationship with your client then using the Marketplace for client acquisition can be a smart choice.  Here is an easy way to add text to your offer:

  • First 2 Hours, 100% Trade Accepted.
  • 2-5 Hours, 50% Trade.
  • 5 Hours +, 25% Trade Accepted.

“100% Trade” is often a phrase that helps people try something new or find room in their budget for your services. Then your good customer service converts them into repeat clients!

So if you’re busy now – that’s actually a good time to get your name and your marketing out there and post a listing in the Marketplace.

Can we help you post an offer or activate your account?

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