Gratitude is better in real time

More than 2 years ago, I published a Thank You page to people who had been supportive of the Marketplace.

….and there it sat.

I’ve made notes to update it over the years but the page felt more like a task than a representation of genuine feelings. I kept thinking:

  • “I’ll update it when I can add more description”
  • “I’ll update it when I can add a story about how that person helped”
  • “I’ll update it when….”

So if it’s not working, change it.  Instead of a page tucked away, I’ve created a blog category.  As I add my Thank Yous in real time via the blog, I’ll probably thank many of the people below (again…and again…and again).


Thank YOU for reading this!




(from the original Feb 2013 page)


Thank You:

The Staff of VBSR
Everyone who has used the Marketplace


Adam Johnson
Andrea Cohen
Bernard Lietaer
Bob & Lilla Leuchs
Bob Costanza
Brian Kelly
Calen King
Cara Taussig
Cecile Green
Chris Lindstrom
Flemming Funch
Gary Flomenhoft
Gregor Barnum
Jacqui Dunne
Jeff Aldrich
Joanna Dillon
Josh Farley
Karolyn Realms
Kate Paine
Kevin Jones
Kirstin Ohm
Krista Vardabash
Laura Markowitz
Lisa Curtis
Liz McLellan
Margi Swett
Markey Read
Matt Tucker
Megan Humphrey
Melinda Moulton
Melissa Kohl
Paulette Bergeron
Phayvanh Luekhamhan
Rachel Carter
Rich Leuchs
Richard & Sherry Kirschner
Rob Leuchs
Rob Williams
Robert Egger
RSF Social Finance
Sam Rose
Seb Paquet
Suzanne Eikenberry
Tim King
Tom Brown
Tom Greco
Vermont Commons
Will Patten
Will Raap