Including the Marketplace in Your RFPs.


When you put an RFP out for a project or service request, would you consider using the Marketplace as a way to save cash?

Using the VBSR Marketplace and accepting Trade Dollars allows your budget to go further.


How can you include the Marketplace in your standard RFP?

Here are some examples of language you can put in your requirements:

  • “Our Business uses the VBSR Marketplace. In your quote, please include what percentage of Marketplace Trade Dollars you will accept as payment.”
  • “We are looking to pay 10% of the final quote in Marketplace Trade Dollars.”
  • “We will pay for all material costs in cash and would like to pay for 25% of the service portion in Marketplace Trade Dollars.”
  • “We will select the vendor who allows us to pay the highest percentage of Marketplace Trade Dollars for this work.”


Using the Marketplace as a part of your standard RFP process can save you cash and keep our local economy strong by keeping value created in Vermont.

If you need help explaining how the Marketplace works and how your new vendor can spend Marketplace Trade Dollars, please give us a call and we’ll help!


Next Steps:

  • Check your balance. It’s available on your home screen when you log in.
  • Need more available purchasing power? We can create a custom Purchase Agreement to help you finance a purchase.  Contact Us.
  • Share your RFP with us by listing it in the Request Section. We’ll help with the search!