Independent Access


If you’d like to access the Marketplace and don’t belong to any of our affiliated membership organizations, we still have an option for you!

The Independent Access Account allows you to access the Marketplace so that you too can Save, Grow, Plan and Learn.  If you’d like join VBSR in the future, we’ll happily switch your account over so that you can enjoy our preferred fees plans and discounted rates.

Independent Access
6% Cash + 1% Trade on Transaction, $10/month
24/7 Access to our Custom, Open Source Trading Platform
Unlimited New Customers
Unlimited New Vendors
Easy 1099 Reporting
Custom RFPs for Your Requests (Up to 5/month)
Eligible for Event Planning Services
Eligible for Blended Cash/Trade Dollar Transactions over $1000


Additional Fine Print:

  • All offers must be 100% Trade Dollars Accepted to $1000. If you would like to charge cash for partial payments below that amount, you’ll need to join VBSR and switch to a Basic, Advanced, or Unlimited Account (fees applicable).
  • All income is taxable and you will get a 1099B in any year you have earnings. You will need to provide your EID at the time of your first sale.
  • You are subject to the normal Governance terms, including the requirement to have a professional license if a service requires it and charge sales tax if necessary.
  • Membership in the Marketplace does not make you a member of VBSR.