Student Account




Yes! Students can join the VBSR Marketplace!

Our Fee-Free (!!!) Student Account will connect you to leading Vermont Business and non-profits.



What can a student offer in the Marketplace:

  • graphic design
  • rideshare/delivery services
  • website design
  • social media consulting
  • childcare
  • tutoring fellow students
  • music/language lessons
  • whatever you have skills in!

What can a student buy in the Marketplace:

  • classes at schools like Yestermorrow and Vermont Woodworking School (some for credit, be sure to check)
  • resume help
  • business cards for your job search
  • tutoring and lessons from other students
  • restaurant gift certificates
  • fresh, local produce and CSAs
  • attendance at conferences
  • anything you’d like!


Get Started:

Already in VBSR? Sign Up for our Student Account.

Need to join VBSR? You can  join VBSR as a student member ($30 annually) and then circle back here to sign up.



Additional Fine Print:

  • Students are required to have a current VBSR Student Membership and a .edu email address.
  • All offers must be 100% Trade Dollars Accepted. If you would like to charge cash for partial payments, you’ll need a Basic, Advanced, or Unlimited Account (fees applicable).
  • All accounts require a credit card for verification, even those with no fees. (We know that you’re not a spammer but this was the easiest way for the software to know.)
  • Are you a student who wants to access the Marketplace without joining VBSR? You’ll need to sign up for an Independent Access Account (fees applicable).
  • You agree to our normal Governance terms.