Thank You: Jessica and Lars

A big Thank You to Jessica Bright and Lars Hasselblad-Torres for joining me on a panel at the VBSR Spring Conference last week.

Building on the open source software that runs the Marketplace (OS Currency) has been a challenge and opportunity (I know, cliche) over the last few years. It’s been hugely empowering even though it’s far from finished.  I wanted to put together a panel to open a door of possibility to other small businesses and non-profits who may be looking for cost savings or creative freedom (as I was).

Jessica brought a deep knowledge of code, internet history, and technology infrastructures to the presentation and Lars brought insight into the small business perspective and how the creative community in Vermont approaches open source. Thank you both!




Our Presentation:

Open Source Technology and Socially Responsible business practices are highly compatible. They both promote greater equality, community, and shared values over profit. Open Source tools are readily available for businesses and non-profits to use. Developing and improving your organization’s literacy around this technology can save you cash in the short run and over time, you can influence system design towards practices that are aligned with your values.     We’ll take a tour of strategies, trends, ideas and tools that you can use immediately. We’ll showcase solutions that other VBSR members are already using to improve their business practices, data management and governance structures including how the VBSR Marketplace is using a freely available software to incorporate direct democracy into it’s daily management.  This session is designed for people with beginner or intermediate technical knowledge. No previous experience or knowledge necessary.