The Marketplace is now Open Source!

The Marketplace is now Open Source!

I am proud to announce that the Marketplace is now using Open Source software to run the Marketplace.

Open Source is a term that is widely used to describe software that is developed by the community, for the community, by interested people donating their time and talent.*

This change means we now have greater flexibility to implement user feedback and customize. We have an agile code base that will allow us to stay at the leading edge of technological advances in the field with an evolving feature set. We will also get support and feedback from communities and developers around the world using the same code.

And best yet, the open source philosophy means that any advances we make will be freely available to other communities who wish to use mutual credit to build their local economies.

When the Marketplace was first started, technology was not yet sufficient to make this choice although it has always been considered.

I am proud to work with the OSCurrency team and developer Tom Brown. Much thanks to developers Jeff Aldrich, Saverio Trioni and other contributors.

Thank you for all of the support (and patience!) you’ve given me and the Marketplace over the years,




*For more definition visit: