VBSR Business – Employee

Employee Access


Yes! Employees of VBSR Businesses can join the VBSR Marketplace!

Our Fee-Free Employee Access Account allows you to use your skills to independently increase your earning power.


What can you offer in the Marketplace:

  • consulting
  • design
  • social media
  • crafts
  • lessons in your area of expertise
  • whatever you have skills in!

What can you buy in the Marketplace:

  • Save Cash: Goods and Services to ease your personal budget
  • Family Fun, Events and Education: Private School, Camps, Museum Passes
  • Travel: We have Relationships with Trade Exchanges in New England
  • Learning: Attend Conferences, Classes, Seminars, and Events to pursue your interest or gain new skills!


Get Started:

Sign Up for our Employee Access Account

Would you like your employer to join VBSR? Join Now or Schedule an appointment with Russ Elek, VBSR’s Membership Manager.



Additional Fine Print:

  • Employees are required to use the email address provided by their VBSR employer.
  • All offers must be 100% Trade Dollars Accepted. If you would like to charge cash for partial payments, you’ll need a Basic, Advanced, or Unlimited Account (fees applicable).
  • All income is taxable and you will get a 1099B in any year you have earnings. You will need to provide your SSN at the time of your first sale. If you have a side business and would like to use that EID, you will need to join VBSR and sign up for a Business Account.
  • You are subject to the normal Governance terms, including the requirement to have a professional license if a service requires it and charge sales tax if necessary.
  • All accounts require a credit card for verification, even those with no fees. (We know that you’re not a spammer but this was the easiest way for the software to know.)