What do Sardinia and Vermont Have in Common?

Hint: It’s more than cheese!

You may know that both are famous for cheese (pecorino romano and cheddar, respectively) and that both are great tourist destinations.

But did you know that they both have their own virtual currencies?

Sardex (as in Sardinia Exchange) operates a network of 3000+ businesses doing over $100 million worth of business each year. Sardex promotes itself as a “new way to rethink the local economy: interconnected and collaborative, supported by the strength of the group and mutual trust.”

The VBSR Marketplace operates a statewide trade network that helps Vermont businesses improve cash flow by helping businesses trade excess products and services which often go underutilized. Benefits to local businesses include the ability to access new customers from the statewide networks, assistance finding new local vendors, access to limited edition goods and services from members, marketing assistance, and outreach, and pre-purchasing agreements.

CBS Video on Sardex screenshot

CBS News recently featured Sardex in a 4 min video.

How is the VBSR Marketplace like Sardex?

  • We operate in the same way, as mutual credit organization (aka a virtual currency), focused on transforming excess capacity into purchasing power
  • We help local businesses find new customers and save cash
  • By aggregating the benefits of increased economic activity to individual local businesses, we grow the local economy when outside liquidity is in shorter supply

While we haven’t yet achieved the scale and diversity of businesses that they have…we’re on our way.

We also recently implemented our Partner Network program, bringing Vermont Fresh Network and their 300+ members into the Marketplace,  so that we can begin scaling to a similar size and impact.

We look forward to working with you as we grow …. and when CBS News calls, we’ll get you and your business on camera!

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