FAQ: How to Write an Offer that will Get You New Customers

One of the most frequent questions we get is “How do  I write up my offer?”.  There are two things to keep in mind: pricing and the template.


  • The main difference between your current business and the new business you get in the Marketplace is just, THE PRICE.  When you put a price tag on something in a store, it says $100. In the Marketplace, prices may be written as:
    • $100, 100% Trade Dollars Accepted -OR-
    • $100, 50% Cash/50% Trade.

What does that mean!?!

  • $100, 100% Trade Dollars Accepted means:
    • If you have $100 Trade Dollars in your account, you can pay the full amount in Trade Dollars, no cash needed.
    • If you have less than $100 Trade Dollars in your account, you can pay what you have and pay the difference in cash. The seller will accept UP TO 100% Trade Dollars but not everyone may have the full amount earned already.
  • $100, 50% Cash/50% Trade
    • This means $50 Trade Dollars will be applied to your purchase and the seller will invoice you for the remaining cash due, as normal.

Simple!  Post your goods and services in the Marketplace at their normal, published prices, but note what % Trade Dollars are accepted.  If you have a student, employee, or non-profit account, part of your agreement in the Marketplace is to post your offers at 100% Trade Dollars if they are under $1000 in value.


To make the Marketplace easy to scan and transact, we’ve developed a simple template to help you communicate the most important part of your offers.  We suggest copy and pasting the relevant parts of this into the NEW OFFER, DESCRIPTION screen.

Not every field will be needed for every offer…but you get it!


Tell us what you are doing/selling and why it’s great!


This is important if you are a service-based business. Is this offer for a 2 hours session of consulting with a 5 page report? Maybe it’s a 4 hour class with a booklet for each participant.


When/Where/How Many

You can list a price/package price or say ‘Custom Quoted’

Additional Notes on this Offer:

Delivery/Pick Up: Do you deliver or should they pickup? Where?

Terms: Can you only provide your sessions on Tuesdays? In the mornings? Only in your town?

Will Ship To: ?

Shipping To Be Paid By: Credit Card at Pickup? Call in?

Comments: Anything else?

Taxes: The Marketplace doesn’t track your sales tax. You need to charge that in cash at point of sale as normal. Let people know what your local rate is and when/where to pay it.

Returns: ?

Wait List Information:

If your event/good/availability sells out, would you like to have a Wait List? The Marketplace can maintain this for you, let us know. Example: “Contact the Marketplace to get on the Wait List”.

How Do I Buy This?

* If you have a Marketplace account with sufficient Trade Dollars, you can login and “Buy Now”.

* If you would like to pay partial Trade Dollars, email hello@vbsrmarket.com

* If you are a restaurant/retail and would like to pay with your gift certificates, email hello@vbsrmarket.com

* If you would like to join the Marketplace, email hello@vbsrmarket.com


If you have questions about the offer, contact (you).

If you have questions about the Marketplace or completing the transaction, contact the Marketplace at 399-4210 or hello@vbsrmarket.com

(The Marketplace Says:)

**This is the special bonus section! If you have gotten positive feedback from another Marketplace member, we’ll list it here. It’s our internal review section. And bonus: if you’d like to leave positive feedback on another members offer, email it to the Marketplace and we’ll post it for you.

The Marketplace is like riding a bike – once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! If you need help at any time getting your offer posted or responding to another offer, we’re happy to help! You can contact your Network Facilitator or the Marketplace directly.

Happy New Economy-ing!